Research by UvA Minds

The Purpose of Scientific Research on Mindful Parenting

Previous research has shown that following a mindfulness training can be very effective in reducing various complaints. Previous studies also showed that the Mindful with your baby training can be effective for mothers with a baby who are offered the training in mental health care. We now want to investigate whether the training is not only effective for mothers who receive help within a mental health institution, but also for mothers who follow the training as prevention.

The research involves the following. You will fill in questionnaires on 5 dates, spread over approximately a year. Completing the lists takes approximately 30 minutes per date.

In addition, 3 video observations are made during a video call. During an observation you play with your child for about 15 minutes. These video observations take place at your home or training location. Both the questionnaires and the videos are only viewed by the researchers and are used anonymously for the study.

Participants in the research into the effectiveness of Mindful with your baby and Mindful with your toddler will receive a discount on the course price of 125 euros.

For participants with a low income the entire training is reimbursed. Only the materials for the course have to be paid up to a maximum of 70 EU.

You can apply for reimbursement if your income is maximum 140% of the Dutch minimum. This means for a single parent 1685 EU per month or 390 EU per week; and for a family with two parents 2290 euros per month or 530 per week. If you want to qualify for this, you can download an income statement from the tax authorities.
Are you unsure if you qualify, or are the costs of the course materials holding you back? Then contact us!

Yes, I want to participate!

If you want to participate in the research, you can indicate this in the registration form for the training Mindful with your Baby or Mindful with your Toddler. By doing so, you give permission to pass on your email address to UvA minds. They will then get in touch.