Friday Live – Which moments matter most to your baby?

Babies rock your world!
As a new parent (to be) you realise that you’re of vital importance to your cute little dote. In spite of sleep deprivation, the continuous juggling act, and the lack of time to yourself, you want the very best for your newborn.
But what ís the very best?
What moments are key for your baby?
In this second Live I talk about that precious first year, and how to nurture emotional security in your little one. Starting with a newborn, I’ll take you through the basics of co-regulation, attachment theory, sensitive parenting and the Dunstan baby language.
And no worries, you do not have to be a perfect parent to give your baby a solid foundation. The circle of security can map out the key moments to support your baby.
As you can see the Live is in English today! We’re starting an online live group course in English coming March 18th, and we’ll be alternating Dutch and English coming weeks. Would you like to learn the basics of our stress relieving techniques? Join the free webinar on February 11th! Signup and info:…

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