Self-care for parents, how on earth???

Yes, you know that you need to look after yourself.
You are aware that when you are rested you’re a much more agreeable parent, and you actually enjoy your life.
Plus it keeps you out of all kinds of trouble that a life with young children seems to invite. Burn-outs, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, they’re all manageable or absent when you look after yourself.
But how on earth are you supposed to do that?
This Friday Life is dedicated to the small steps that make a big difference in your life.
Would you like to know when and how you need to start paying attention to yourself?
Make it easier to look after yourself. Use this simple writing exercise to map out the signals that tell you you’re out of balance, and create a map for your self-care too.
NEXT WEEK I’m dedicating a whole Facebook Live to the Breathing Space exercises. 
If you only wanted to learn one mindfulness technique – this should be it. I’ll tell you why, how and when, so you can apply it in the thick of it.
Can’t wait till then?
Below an overview, and here the here you can download the breathingspaces as pdf

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