Breathing spaces – if nothing else

What if there was a quick method to turn off the auto-pilot?

Would be great right?

Stepping out of stress, stop conflicts, enjoying moments of connection with your child, being at the helm of your life…

Well, the breathing spaces do exactly that. It can take a few minutes to pull yourself back into the here-and-now and these techniques can help you.

Even better: the parent-child breathing space can help you in the care of your child. Especially when you just don’t know what to do.

These exercises are quick, but – unfortunately – not a quick fix. 

You can’t make the stress go away. You can’t force moments of connection. You can’t tell your mind that now you’re in charge.

But you can train yourself to:

  • Become aware of yourself, your child and the situation.
  • To help your mind calming down.
  • To expand your awareness so that you can access your wisdom. 

And it so happens to be, that these are the steps of the breathing spaces. In the video I’ll walk you through them so you can practice them yourself.

Below you can find the schematics and audio.

PRO-tip: practice them on calm moments daily for a week, so that when you need it the most, your mind can fall back on the built up experience.

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